iReader is released!

Published on by chao

The version has been released.
  • Fix bug: Open Mobipocket book success but show nothing in HTML and Text View.
  • Fix bug: iReader is stopped by unknown exception when opening EReader book. 
  • Fix bug: Backup and Restore function. Don't restore any settings backed up from version.
  • Support adjust brightness by slide your finger along with Left/Right/Top/Bottom side of screen. You also can enable/disable this function in HTML/Text/Image View.  All configurations about it are in "General Settings".
  • When you open encrypted EReader book. You need input your Real Name on your credit card which is used to pay for this book. Don't worry, iReader won't spread any of your informations to anyone.  
  • Deal with more Mobipocket special HTML tags.
  • Support analyze and show more metadata about Mobipocket and EReader book.
  • Other features....
Please update it on android market! 
If you find any PDB book is opening failed. Please contact me and send me the book if you will.
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