Browse images

Click a image file (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp. gif) in file browser, iReader will search all images in current directory and open your selected image file to browse.

    1) Navigate images:
         Click bottom/right side screen to browse next image.
         Click top/left side screen to browse previous image.
         Click trackball to browse next image.
    2) Rotate image: You can use trackball or click Menu -> Rotate to rotate the image.
    3) Zoom image: You can click volume keys to zoom in/out image, Another way is long clicking center of screen to pop up context menu, use zoom in/out menu or make the zoom enable, After the zoom function is enable, when you tap the center of screen area lightly, the zoom floating menu will be showed on the bottom of screen, you can use it to zoom in/out image.
    4) Quickly seek image: When you long click top/bottom screen, the floating seekbar will be showed, you can use it to jump and browse image quickly.

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