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  • The new version will be coming soon!

    29 May 2010

    I'm sorry that it is long time after the last release. I can not spend much time on iReader since I'm busy on my new job, but I will try my best to work on iReader and publish new version. The new version will include the follow features as much as possible:...

  • iReader 1.0.3 is released!

    02 November 2009

    iReader v1.0.3 is released! Changes: Fix bug with slowly opening PDB book. Support cover and author meta with mobi format book. Support backup and restore your history data and preference. Support simple file operations. Support browse image files. Fix...

  • iReader 1.0.4 is released!

    07 November 2009

    iReader 1.0.4 version is released! Changes: Add confirm dialog when you delele file Fix the bug of browsing HTML file which includes text file as source data. Fix the bug that Page Layout can not work propertly. Fix bugs of browsing PDB books: Fix the...

  • iReader 1.0.5 is released!

    01 December 2009

    Sorry, I know it is too late! I always work on it and try to support more e-book formats. And now, I will release a new version to fix some bugs reported by warmhearted user. Changes: Showing \t character with two blank characters in Text viewer. Showing...

  • iReader 1.0.6 is released!

    20 December 2009

    The 1.0.6 version has been released. Changes: Add Central European charset. Support PDB book of EReader format and browsing with Text viewer or Html viewer mode. Support directory list of EReader book. Add setting of Trackball for page up/down, User can...

  • The free version of iReader is released!

    25 December 2009

    I made a free version and uploaded on android market. The main different between free and fee is that the free version can not support Mobipocket and EReader format e-books, only Palm PDB book can be opened. Except that, free version have all same functions...

  • iReader 1.0.7 is released!

    01 January 2010

    The 1.0.7 version has been released. Changes: Fix a bug of Backup&Restore function. Support customizing tap left/right/top/bottom screen for page up/down or disable. Increase Font min size setting to 10 pixels. And now, the font size range is 10~60 pixels....

  • iReader is released!

    04 January 2010

    The version has been released. Changes: Fix a bug of PID checking. Support PC PID for Mobipocket book with DRM protected. Note : All letters in PID will be converted to upper case after you inputing.(As so far, I think all PIDs should be comprised...

  • iReader is released!

    10 January 2010

    The version has been released. Changes: Fix bug: open some Mobipocket book failed. Fix bug: open some EReader book failed. Support Text Alignment with Left, Right, Center and Justify for all text encoding.(Single and multi-bytes encoding). Try...

  • iReader is released!

    12 January 2010

    The version has been released. Changes: Fix bug: decompress some Mobipocket book failed. S upport Encrypted EReader book . Set Serif as default font. Note : Only DRM encryption of Mobipocket book is support. The old content encryption and password...

  • iReader is released!

    16 January 2010

    The version has been released. Changes: Fix bug: Open Mobipocket book success but show nothing in HTML and Text View. Fix bug: iReader is stopped by unknown exception when opening EReader book. Fix bug: Backup and Restore function. Don't restore...

  • iReader is released!

    23 January 2010

    The version has been released. Changes: Fix bug: Lose some book content in decompressing Mobipocket book. Fix bug: Improve turning page with gesture in HTML view more easy and sensitive. Fix bug: Add bookmark fail in HTML view when you first open...

  • Add new documentations.

    23 February 2010

    I wrote two documentations to introduce how to read Mobipocket ebook and EReader ebook with DRM protected. Please click the following links or find them in the Documentations item of right column. How to read Mobipocket ebook with DRM protected ( Documentations->Browse...

  • The new release is coming soon!

    20 August 2010

    Hi everyone: I'm still working hard on it. It is very long time to update new version, I'm sorry for that. Currently, I'm trying my best to transfer my blog to google project. Our new website is , you can submit bug and...

  • The version is released!

    03 March 2010

    The is released with new UI and some bugs fixed for previous version. I'm sorry that I will take leave a few days to apply for a new job . So I can not release a new version recently. Hope you can forgive me and support me. Please wait. In the...

  • Our new UI!

    06 February 2010

    Most of them have been finished. The icon and settings pages need be re-designed. I know there is no update for many days, Sorry for that. I need more time to do and only can finish them one by one. Please wait! I promise the next version will be come...

  • The progress for new feature!

    01 April 2010

    Finish some part work of new feature, we can show text with any style. Please see the picture. I will work hard, please wait... ....

  • iReader 1.0.9 is released!

    21 August 2010

    Please update on Android market! Our new website: Please visite here to get more updates information. Please submit your bug and requirement here: Thanks!

  • iReader Beta is released!

    25 October 2010

    Please see here. Only free version can be available.

  • iReader is released!

    31 October 2010

    Please update on Android market! The is released, please see here: Thanks!