Browse PDB book

When you click a file with .pdb extension or open it as PDB mode in file browser, iReader will open this file as PDB format.

iReader can only support three PDB foramts now:
  • Standard palm document, includes compress and uncompress type.
  • zTxt PDB, compress text data with zip format.
  • Mobi PDB, compress html file data. iReader can not support DRM protected Mobi book.
Normaly, iReader will open PDB with text viewer for standard palm doc, zTxt and mobipocket without any image, You can think them as text book, all operations are same:

For Mobi PDB, if iReader detect any image in it, the view mode menu will be showed when the book is opened first. You can still select text viewer to read it, of course, you can not see any image under text viewer, If you want to see them, you can choice html viewer to read since the original data stored by mobipocket is html file.

You can change view mode between html viewer and text viewer if the mobi PDB includes images.

You can goto any page in html viewer by click Menu->Content and goto any position in text viewer by click Menu->Goto

Click Menu->Add Bookmark to add a new bookmark

Click Menu->Bookmark to browse all bookmark

Click one of bookmark to open it, Long click one of them to pop up the context menu, Through this menu, you can edit/delete bookmark.

Click Menu->Search to search text

Long click center of screen to pop up context menu

Long click top/bottom screen, the floating seekbar will be showed, you can jump to any percent of the current page by it.

When you want to quit viewer, You can click Menu->Close under html viewer or click Back key under text viewer.
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