Browse DRM EReader-ebook

When you open EReader ebook with DRM protected. iReader will pop up a new window, you need input you real name and last 8 digits on the credit card which is used to buy this ebook. We call these information as decrytion key. The decryption key is case-insensitive when you input, but you need make sure they are right. After then, iReader will use it to decrypt ebook. Don't worry about your private decryption key. iReader won't spread out them. They are still safe and security. If the decryption is successful, the decryption key will be remembered to file by iReader and will be tried to decrypt another DRM protected EReader ebook when you open it at the first time. If the decryption is failed, iReader will stop here and wait you input the right decryption key.

You can manage the key through "Settings->Decryption PID->EReader PID".

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