Browse Txt book

When you click a file with .txt extension or open it as Text mode in file browser, iReader will open this file as txt format. Text viewer will show the book content screen by screen, one screen is called a page.

Shortcut keys for page turning:
  • Tap Right/Bottom side of screen to next page
  • Tap Left/Top side of screen to pre page
  • Trackball up to pre page
  • Trackball down to next page
  • Click Volume up key to pre page
  • Click Volume down key to next page
  • Click Camera key to next page
  • Fling gesture from right to left to next page
  • Fling gesture from left to right to pre page
  • Fling gesture from down to up to next page
  • Fling gesture from up to down to pre page
  • Click space key to next page
All keys can be enabled/diseabled in Settings->Key Settings

iReader will try its best to detect the encoding during opening text book. If it is failed, you can select other charset by clicking Menu->Text encoding.

You can goto any position by click Menu->Goto

Long click Top/Bottom side of screen, you can quick goto any position through floating seekbar.

Click Menu->Add Bookmark to add a new bookmark

Click Menu->Bookmark to browse all bookmark

Click Menu->Search to search text

Long click center of screen to pop up context menu

When the zoom is enabled, tap the center of screen lightly, the floating zoom menu will showed on the bottom of screen, you can zoom in/out of the current page. In fact, the zoom function will make the font size increase/decrease by 1 pixel.

Click Settings->Font Style, you can change the margin size, font family, font style, font size and line space

Click Settings->Font Color, you can change the font and background color

Click Settings->Font Shadow, you can configure the shadow of text

Click Settings->Background image, you can select image as background of text viewer. Click Menu->Apply to enable your selected image, Click Menu->Cancel to disable image background.

You can configure the page turning by clicking Settings->Page turning setting
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