iReader 1.0.5 is released!

Published on by chao

Sorry, I know it is too late! I always work on it and try to support more e-book formats.
And now, I will release a new version to fix some bugs reported by warmhearted user.
  • Showing \t character with two blank characters in Text viewer.
  • Showing some html special tag with right charater (e.g: blank space, <, >) when you read PDB/mobipocket books in Text viewer. In order to keep opening book quickly, only few tags are supported now.
  • Improving mobipocket browsing and support more formats. We still can not support mobipocket with DRM protected. If you buy a Kindle book, you can use MobiDeDrm to remove DRM first and then use iReader to read.
  • Support single tap on top/left/bottom/right screen side to turn previous/next page in Html viewer. You can switch them on/off in settings.
  • Support high resolution screen cell phone. E.g: Moto Droid.
  • Fix the bug that file browser can not work if the last remembered folder has been deleted.
Someone reported me that the font in Text viewer is not clear in Droid, I can not get the Droid around me to test, I only tried to fix it in this release, If you find the issue still exists, please contact me.
Thanks for using iReader, any suggestion or bug please tell me.
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<br /> Thanks for keep updating this software, it's really convenient for reading on the phone, Could you please add a functionality that reserve the last line on the next page, I think many users are<br /> expecting this useful functionality, thanks.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Great site and the information is unique.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> One bug maybe:<br /> <br /> I pressed the shutdown key to close the screen while I am reading with iReader. But when a SMS comes and waked my screen, the sreen will not close any more because the iReader is still running...<br /> <br /> <br />