iReader 1.0.6 is released!

Published on by chao

The 1.0.6 version has been released.
  • Add Central European charset.
  • Support PDB book of EReader format and browsing with Text viewer or Html viewer mode. Support directory list of EReader book.
  • Add setting of Trackball for page up/down, User can switch on/off trackball up/down or right/left to turn pre/next page.
  • Add setting of Back key in Html viewer. You can set the back key to browse history page or set it to close the current window.
  • Increase Font max size setting from 40 pixels to 60 pixels.
  • Support file operation menus configuration. User can configure which menu items can be showed in context menu when you long click in File Browser. 
  • Support book library directory setting. User can set any folder as book library through file operation menu which is named "Set as library" in File Browser. When it is done, User can use "Menu->Library" to open this folder quickly.
  • Add SDCard menu in File Browser to open /sdcard folder quickly and easily.
  • Support show last line of previous page in current display. User can switch on/off this setting.
  • Support directory list for Mobipocket book.
  • Try to improve opening the same book when you switch between iReader and another application. (e.g: switch to SMS or mail application during reading book and then back to iReader to continue read).
  • Add 'Book Type' item in book detail information window.
Please update it on android market! We plan to support MobiDeDRM in next release!
Merry Christmas!

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<br /> Dear iReader: I purchased the full version of your software so I could view books in PDB/EReader format (from Barnes and Noble). However, I am unable to open any of the files. Please let me know<br /> the proper procedure to place my books from my online Barnes and Noble account, to my Mytouch G3 Android phone, and view the files with my iReader software. Thank you!<br /> <br /> <br />