iReader is released!

Published on by chao

The version has been released.
  • Fix a bug of PID checking.
  • Support PC PID for Mobipocket book with DRM protected.
  • All letters in PID will be converted to upper case after you inputing.(As so far, I think all PIDs should be comprised with upper case letters) If you find there is a PID with lower case letter, please tell me so that I can fix my codes ASAP. 
  • There is no way to get PID for Android cell phone. On, you can get know that they only support mobile with Symbian, Window Mobile, Blackberry or Palm system. If you have no these system cell phone, you can install Mobipocket reader on PC and get PC PID to use.
  • Two ways to get PID for your phone which is supported by Mobipocket. One way is that you download correspoding Mobipocket reader for your cell phone system on and look up the PID through it. Another way is that you install Mobipocket reader on PC first and then connect your cell phone with PC and get PID from the reader.
Please update it on android market!
I will write a detail tutorial for how to use PID. Please wait!
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there's no android market app in my huawei u8220, can i download he ireader.apk ofrom ou website ?


iReader full version is any available on android market.
But I can send you free version if you like. Please tell me your email. 
Thanks a lot!


In my above post, it didn't show how iReader shows the hyphen. It uses the following characters instead of showing the hyphen.
& - ampersand
; - semicolon


iReader works great for pdb books, but I have noticed one issue. When a word is split with a hyphen (-) at the end of a line, iReader shows the hyphen as "­" without the quotes.

Also, I would love if you could add the ability to set the screen brightness in iReader. I usually read in the dark and don't need full screen brightness and would like to be able to save my

Thanks again - great product.


Hi Jen:
I have plan to justify text. Please wait! I will finish supporting protected EReader book first.


Excellent! Works like a charm now. Thanks. Takes a little while to complete the PID check but opened the book no problem. Reads great!

Now, not to be too greedy...but do you think you could add an option for left justification. I do hate reading through all those extra blank spaces that full justification adds - especially on
small screens such as a phone.

Again, great job and thanks!